Bridge November 2017


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November Holidays p. 5


From Iceland to Texas p. 6

three times (the band’s songs have been on shows; three of the members have been friends since elementary school; the band have been living in the US since 2015); the present perfect

shows that something that started in the past still continues in the present (their songs can appear on more shows, they are still friends, they still live in the US)

Reading, Part 7 p. 10

1B, 2A, 3A, 4D, 5D

Mind Benders p. 11

Shakespeare’s Corner p. 11

Guess the Meaning: C

Vocabulary in a Modern Context: 1 house A, home B; 2 nature B, forest A; 3 happy B, lucky A; 4 recipe A, receipt B; 5 to give B, to put A

The Handmaid’s Tale p. 12

Last week they shot a woman, right about here. She was a Martha. She was fumbling in her robe for her pass, and they thought she was hunting for a bomb. They thought she was a man in disguise. There have been such incidents.

Rita and Cora knew the woman. I heard them talking about it in the kitchen.

“Doing their job,” said Cora. “Keeping us safe.”

“Nothing safer than dead,” said Rita, angrily. “She was minding her own business. No call to shoot her.”

“It was an accident,” said Cora.

“No such thing,” said Rita. “Everything is meant.”

I could hear her thumping the pots around in the sink.

“Well, someone’ll think twice about blowing up this house, any ways,” said Cora.

”All the same,” said Rita. “She worked hard. That was a bad death.”

“I can think of worse,” said Cora. “At least it was quick.”

“You can say that again,” said Rita. “I’d choose to have some time, before, like. To set things right.”

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