RR September 2017


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At School Again, pp. 4–5
(Tasks 2 and 3 are a competition. They are only for
teachers. Don’t give the students any clues.)
TASK 1: 1 pen; 2 rubber; 3 scissors; 4 glue; 5 board;
6 cupboard; 7 computer; 8 desk; 9 book; 10 clock;
11 pencil; 12 ruler; 13 pencil case
TASK 2: 1 colour; 2 classroom; 3 question;
4 computer; 5 desk; 6 pencil case; 7 lesson;
8 rubber; 9 board; 10 ruler; 11 homework;
12 scissors; 13 window; 14 mistake; 15 glue;
16 example; 17 book
A School Poem
This will be your first day of school.
It will be fun. It will be cool.
You will learn and also play
With new friends each school day!
TASK 3: 1 Sit down, please; 2 Stand up, please;
3 Be quiet, please; 4 Listen to me, please; 5 Open
your books; 6 Write on the board; 7 Raise your
hand; 8 Tidy up your desk; 9 Work in pairs; 10 Do
the exercise; 11 Put your book away; 12 Answer the
question; 13 How do you spell your name? 14 Look
at the picture.

Like School, But Different, pp. 6–7
TASK 1: A New Delhi; B children; C bridge;
D the floor
TASK 2: Boat school – floods, swimming, solarpowered
computer; City Montessori School
52,000 students, big classes, very good school;
Grey School of Wizardry – grimoire, magic, four
houses; Under the Bridge School – poor children,
no chairs, one wall

A Day in My Life, p. 8
TASK 1: A 7 o’clock, shower, toast, goes on the
internet or reads a book; B 6 o’clock, bath, bacon,
eggs, sausages, watches television and then goes
to bed
TASK 2: In the morning: I get up at…; I have
a shower; I have breakfast; I brush my teeth;
I get dressed; I go to school; I take the bus / tram /
underground; In the afternoon: I have lunch; I take
the bus / tram / underground; I finish school at…;
I go home; I do my homework; I read a book; I listen
to music; I go on the internet; I watch television;
In the evening: I have a bath; I have a shower;
I have dinner; I brush my teeth; I do my homework;
I read a book; I listen to music; I go on the internet;
I watch television; I go to bed; I go to sleep.

Matilda by Roald Dahl, p. 9
TASK: 1 children; 2 horrible; 3 old; 4 cruel; 5 one;
6 learns; 7 a; 8 the; 9 everyone
The secret word – chocolate.

Around the UK with Jirka, pp. 12–13
TASK: 1 The UK is about three times as big as the
Czech Republic; 2 About 8.6 million people live in
London; 3 Northern Ireland is part of the island of
Ireland; 4 The Hogwarts school in the Harry Potter
films is Alnwick Castle in England. Yes, you can visit
it; 5 There are whales in Wales (sometimes). There
are lots of dolphins; 6 The UK has 30% more rain
than the Czech Republic, but it doesn’t always rain;
7 The Scottish “skirt” is called a “kilt.” Only some
Scottish men wear them, and not all the time;
8 English children start school when they are five
years old. Most children wear school uniforms.
There are lots of other differences; 9 Most people
speak English. There are other languages, too. The
biggest are Scots, Welsh, and… Polish!
10 The Queen of England is 91 years old. She is
queen of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern
Ireland. But not Ireland. Ireland is a republic. It has
no king or queen.

The Beautiful Game, p. 14
Lionel Messi – Argentina; Wayne Rooney – England;
Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal; Neymar – Brazil;
Manuel Neuer – Germany; Paul Pogba – France

The First Ones There, pp. 16–17
TASK: 1F; 2T; 3T; 4F; 5T; 6F; 7T; 8F

Masters of Spinjitsu, pp. 18–19
TASK: Master Wu; Zane; Cole; Lloyd; Jay; Nya; Kai;

Interview / Inspiring Children, pp. 20–21
TASK 1: 1G; 2C; 3J; 4D; 5B; 6F; 7H; 8K; 9I; 10A; 11E
TASK 2: 1e; 2c; 3b; 4a; 5d

Happy Birthday to The Hobbit!, pp. 22–23
(Competition. This is only for teachers. Don’t give
the students any clues.)
1 hobbits; 2 wizards, wizard, wizard; 3 men, man;
4 dwarves; 5 elves; 6 dragon; 7 trolls; 8 Gollum

Mammals, pp. 24–25
TASK 1: answers will vary
TASK 2: 1a; 2b; 3a; 4a; 5c

LanguageCert International ESOL A1,
pp. 28–30
PART 1: 1c; 2c; 3a; 4b; 5c; 6a; 7b
PART 4: 1 Learn to: use the internet; 2 Day: Tuesday;
3 Session: Afternoon; 4 Time (o’clock): 3–5 pm;
5 Number of students: 2; 6 Cost: Free

Puzzle Time, pp. 31–34
(Competition. This is only for teachers. Don’t give
the students any clues.)
TASK 1: 7:00 have lunch; 8:00 go to school;
9:00 brush teeth; 10:00 get dressed; 11:00 have
a bath
TASK 3: 1 claws; 2 ground; 3 cute; 4 sharp;
5 omnivore; The joke: It was watching the mouse.
TASK 4: Hello. My name is Nizhoni. I live with my
brothers and sisters in a teepee. Picture C.
TASK 5: 1 app; 2 computer; 3 video call; 4 text;
5 emoji; 6 smartphone; 7 tablet; 8 chat; 9 voice call; 10 internet; 11 text message
The joke: You told me to put it in the Net.